New Hampshire has some awesome lakes. In fact, this small state has 944 lakes and reservoirs listed in the NH Official List of Public Waters.

The largest of these lakes is the beautiful, blue Lake Winnipesaukee– which covers 72 square miles in size and includes 258 islands. Lake Winnipesaukee has been a year-round vacation destination for over a century with its beaches, swimming, and myriad of water sports (including ice fishing in the winter). Scenes from the movie “On Golden Pond” were filmed on the lake, although the majority of the movie was filmed at the nearby pristine Squam Lakes.

Lake Winnipesaukee’s shore line is some 288 miles long and has a maximum depth of 212 feet. Thus, scuba diving is popular here; equipment, training and excursion info can be found at:

And for the sake of argument, we will assume that this boat owner….. is a scuba diver.