Be the wise one and make your plans NOW to attend the 2016 Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. With over 500 hot air balloons from nearly 20 countries, this event is THE place to be in early October. Packed with activities and colorful shows, it’s a great weekend excursion for you and your spouse!

Albuquerque provides the ideal setting for hot air ballooning which makes it the model city for the world’s largest ballooning event. Wind patterns around nearby mountains form an ideal ‘Albuquerque box’ for ballooning, making it a great place to take that first ride in a hot air balloon that you’ve always wanted to do. Even those afraid of heights find the slow takeoff and peaceful flight allow them the ability to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery. And you’ll be riding with 3,4, 5 and up to maybe 12 other passengers for moral support!

The ‘box’ is a combination of upper and lower level winds created by the Rio Grande Valley and enhanced by the Sandia Mountains. The box enables balloonists to back-track their flight patterns and land close to their launch sites. Cool air from the north near the surface will take pilots one direction while higher winds blow in the opposite direction. Pilots need only to change elevation to fly back on their original course. Some patterns will even allow a pilot to dip their gondola in the Rio Grande for a “Splash and Dash” while other patterns will take balloons toward the Sandia Mountains.

To get the most out of your time at Fiesta, pick up a copy of the Fun Excursions in a Box Guide;  it’s a self-guide book that tells you everything you need to know about Fiesta and other local activities to enjoy your stay in Albuquerque.

Come join the fun and check off one of your ‘Bucket List’ items !!