Yesterday’s Trivia Question:  

     What do the following Symbols mean and where can you find them?   

                     Al     Go   Cw   Hr   Ll     Pi   Po   Ra    Sh


Answer: The Farmers section of the NH Agriculture, Markets & Food website includes a wide range of information designed to promote farming and agricultural advancement. Topics include, among others, Agritourism Planning for Farmers, Animal Disease Traceability, Crop Insurance, Exporting, Fair Regulations, Organic Certification, the Seal of Quality Program, Labeling for Apples, etc. You can learn more if you care to at this link:

The symbols above relate to one of the topics covered in the Farmers section. Here is what they mean:

Al = Alpaca     Go = Goat   Cw = Cow    Hr = Horse    Ll = Llama   Pi = Pig   Po = Poultry   Ra = Rabbit   Sh = Sheep

So what are the symbols used for?  Well the state of NH has an active Manure Exchange Program and these symbols are used by farmers to identify the type of business that they are associated with. The exchange lists by county the farmers who will accept the above types of manures or will pick up such types for their fertilization needs. Any associated limits, assistance, fees etc are listed for reference. So, indeed this IS a crappy trivia question !  You can look it up.

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