Lest you think that farming isn’t important in New Hampshire, think again. The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food publishes a weekly Market Bulletin containing industry notices, announcements, seasonal information and market survey data to anyone who subscribes. The department’s mission is to promote agriculture in the public interest and to serve farmers and consumers in the marketplace.

To promote public interest, the official department website has a specific section just for consumers and includes information on Animal Population Control, Apiary & Beekeeping, Expositions & Events, Licensed Nurseries, Landscapers & Plant Dealers, Experience New Hampshire Agriculture activities, and more. You can check out the info at the following link: http://agriculture.nh.gov/consumers/index.htm

In addition to consumer information, there is also a section just for Farmers for promoting agricultural products; it is in this area that we have today’s trivia question:


Today’s Trivia Question:  

     What do the following Symbols mean and where can you find them?   

                     Al     Go   Cw   Hr   Ll     Pi   Po   Ra    Sh


Hint:  This IS another crappy trick question


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Photo: Courtesy of NH Dept of Agriculture, Markets & Food