From travel guides…. to published author!

If you like adventure, check out my new book which will be released January 1st, 2018 called “Kicking Gas & Taking Charge!”. It’s the story of my Guinness World Record trip in 2013 that included a group of 11 people who drove across the U.S. in 4 types of electric vehicles: an electric car (a Nissan LEAF driven by me), an electric motorcycle (Ben Rich), an electric scooter (Susan Jones), and an electric bicycle (Ben Hopkins). Over a grueling 44 days, we made the trip from Charleston, South Carolina to San Francisco to prove that electric vehicles were reliable and viable. And while we all made it successfully….the story has never really gotten out–until now!

You will also find a dedicated chapter to sustainability….the reason you should care about it…and 25 ideas for things YOU can do about it personally. I think you’ll like it. But if you think I’m biased, well here is a professional book writer’s quote:

“We all need to be more engaged in sustainability. This book is a fun read that also serves as a wake-up call and personal call-to-action”

Tammy Kling
“Words Are Currency”
CEO, OnFire Books Leadership Company

You can read more about the book and pre-order one at Barnes and Noble or Amazon online. Here’s a link to Barnes and Noble’s website:

Happy Reading !