Headline: Tom Shady Quote

Scene: 2014-2015 National Vineyard League (NVL) Playoffs
Teams: New England Paint-Me-Nots vs Indianapolis Carve-Ups

Attempting a touchdown pass from the 20 vine line to Rob Groundhouseseed, Paint-Me-Nots quarterback Tom Shady was intercepted by Carve-ups cornerback D’Fall Cracksome. After the play, Cracksome noticed the pumpkinball appeared to be low in seeds and asked NVL referees to check the ball. The pumpkinball was, indeed, found to be under-seeded, prompting allegations by the Carve-ups that Shady was cheating by under-seeding pumpkingballs prior to the game.

When asked to comment on the accusations, Tom Shady responded: “ I did not squash that pumpkin….nor did I tell any munchkins to squash the pumpkins. This is just a silly gourd-hunt. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some melons to get home to…”

And so, ‘PumpkinGate’ continues…



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