During the 10 day Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, the Albuquerque firefighters hold events to raise funds for their annual Random Acts of Kindness campaign. The Random Acts of Kindness charity was created by Albuquerque firefighters who truly believe that individuals can make a difference in their community. The purpose is to perform random acts of good in the Albuquerque area. Often, as firefighters respond to calls for help, they observe situations where people need a helping hand or something that will improve their quality of life. The firefighters look for opportunities to compassionately meet the needs of people and make a difference through their random acts of kindness. This includes a large toy giveaway each year at Christmas time.

The Fiesta is the largest fund-raising event of the year for these firefighters and, in 2015, the focus was on chainsaw carving activities. The above photo is an example of hundreds of items carved out, painted and displayed for visitor purchase. Funds raised from Fiesta and other events, as well as contributions by individuals who believe in the impact that these firefighters can have in the community to restore lives and brings smiles to childrens’ faces are what make Random Acts of Kindness a huge success in Albuquerque.