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We are your Guide for the Do-It-Yourself Explorer

Whether you are visiting for one evening or an entire week, planning a sightseeing adventure can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity.

Fun Excursions in a Box reduces your planning time significantly by providing brief capsules of the most interesting and intriguing sights for the city or event you plan to visit. It prioritizes the “must sees” vs the “if I have time” attractions and arranges them in a logical virtual tour for you.

With Fun Excursions in a Box, you won’t need to spend hours researching what to see. It’s already done for you. AND, it provides you with helpful TIPS along the way. So you can immediately hit the ground running and start to explore your target destination!


What We Offer

Researched Attractions

We’ve Captured KEY sightseeing events in the city for you. NOT everything–that’s information overload–but what the city/area is known for and what people remember about it. And this isn’t just mainstream attractions but also things you might not know to see if you did your own research. You only get these from Fun Excursions in a Box!

And to make your exploring super efficient we provide you with:
1- a link address for each attraction so you can get more detail,  purchase tickets,  make reservation, etc.
2- each site’s street address so you can load it into your GPS and drive directly to the next location!
Finally, to fully round out your excursion, we give you Options–events and sites that provide that little ‘extra’ to make your trip complete, including:
> Romantic settings
> Family activities
> Seasonal Events
> Other noteworthy points of interest
Please note that we do NOT focus on restaurants/accommodations UNLESS they are unique or historical. There are plenty of sources to find these places. However, if we list a restaurant or hotel, you can bet it’s worth checking out!


“Tour” Maps

We’ve organized our recommended sightseeing attractions into daily self-guided “tour” driving routes. The “tours” are arranged based on their geographic location and follow a virtual ‘tour’ loop for the day.

Each “tour” has a corresponding map showing you where the attractions are located. YOU decide what you want to see but we encourage you to follow the guide to be most efficient.

If you want to see sights from different tour loops, you CAN!… For example, suppose you have 3 days to explore and are running ahead of schedule on Day 2’s Tour and want to see a site that intrigues you on Day 4’s Tour; simply plug the site address provided in the Day 4 Tour into your GPS and GO! This gives you maximum flexibility to get the most out of your visit.

What You Get

Event or City/Region Guides

When you purchase Fun Excursions In a Box, you will have the option of ordering a downloadable and printable GUIDE or a bound hardcopy version:

  • E-Book: For paperless and immediate access users, we suggest you save it to your laptop or desktop first for reference. You may also want to later print out your selected tour(s) and/or the ‘tour’ maps to have in front of you as you travel and for locations where wifi is not consistently available.
  • Hardcopy: The multiple-tour Cities & Regions Guides comes in a leather-bound 3-ring binder with convenient pen and note holders. The smaller Event Guide comes in a slimmer vinyl folder.

Regardless of your preference, your GUIDE is easy to use and to the point.

TIPS and Special Offers


Your Fun Excursions in a Box gives you lots of special money and time-saving tips as well as tips on how to get the most out of your travel sightseeing excursion.  These tips alone can be worth the price you pay for the guide!!

Special Offers

NOT YET AVAILABLE. However, we want to give you a financial reason to buy Fun Excursions in a Box also by including money-saving TIPS and coupon discounts for attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc in the area.  Check back periodically to look for announcements.

What We Believe


Everyone is stressed with too little time. and the information available on the internet is daunting. Let us help you.


When you spend YOUR time focused on making your trip HAPPEN and less on WHAT you’ll do, you’re bound to create better memories!

  • In Giving Back

10% of all annual profits will be shared with charity organizations like Make-A-Wish, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors, United Way, etc. So a part of your purchase will go back to the community.